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Welcome to LoyaltyARK official donation store, this is where the players of our server for the game ARK: Survival Evolved can show us support and appreciation!

We are not affiliated with Studio Wildcard in any way, however donations go to cover this things:

- Monthly server costs

- Plugin & mod development costs

- External tools monthly costs

- Server advertising campaigns

You may ask, why should I donate? Here is the answer:

- Show us the love and appreciation you have to the cluster!

- Flex from discord role because, who doesn't like to flex their roles 😎

- Help us with the maintenance costs!

- Super hyper awesome INGAME bonuses! Make your way inside the game by earning more ingame points with an awesome rank!

- Allow us to keep growing more and more, bringing more servers, maps and game modes so you can play everything you like with us!

LoyaltyARK has been running since 27th October 2019 and we don't plan to stop any time soon, instead we have plans to keep expanding our infrastructure.

Our aim is one: Provide the best gameplay you have ever had in an unnofficial server.

Please, consider donating if you like the cluster. That way you will get bonuses and our playerbase and server count will be growing even more and more!